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The National Center for Institutional Diversity (NCID) represents a commitment by the University of Michigan to affirm the central value and undeniable importance of institutional diversity to the mission of all colleges and universities. Our vision requires that we organize knowledge, build tools, and summon the courage to advance a commitment to inclusion, diversity, and equity in and through U.S. higher education.

Promoting diversity-related scholarship is an important means by which NCID seeks to influence higher education and society. The NCID Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, established in 2008, identifies and nurtures early-career scholars whose work includes diversity themes. The program operates with support from the Office of the Provost, and NCID anticipates offering two postdoctoral fellowships annually, each for the duration of one year. Each of the fellowships offer protected research time, faculty mentoring, and career development opportunities. In addition, recipients of fellowships and other distinctions become part of our Diversity Scholars Network, a community of national exemplars engaged in innovative scholarship related to diversity.

For more detailed information on what the fellowship entails, or the benefits of membership in the Diversity Scholars Network, please see the FAQs.